Our beliefs



SMG is group of communication agencies offering full service for our various type of clients with expertise and control of every step in the production and management process leaving nothing but perfection to the very last detail in each project we deliver.


Together we create the future of unique symbols, rather than just well known brands.


Don’t give up what matters

If you don’t know where you’re going every way will get you there. But if you know what peak you’d like to reach, if you know your goals and ambitions there is only one way – the way of going through the problems and never giving up on what matters!

Borderless mindset

We are in an office that embraces a non-stop brainstorming process. You can get inspired by a conversation, an idea or the next project knocking on the door. But most importantly you will be stimulated to showcase, defend and develop your ideas towards what you’ve imagined for them to be. Every vision needs a journey until it flourishes and becomes a spectacle – we are here to embrace your passion!


It’s great to take the next step, to never stop developing, to go global, to reach the dream. But it’s equally important to never forget that each market has its own specific features. This is why we will adapt an international business model on a local level. Because we know you, your customers your local market. Because we know what matters!

Human centric

One of the most important things when working with people is not to scream but to listen. We are able to hear you and have a personal approach to every client and employee while developing uniquely focused concepts.

Step up your game

We are like a squad in the office. You will meet the inspirations, the doers, the thinkers, the marathon runners and the magicians. What makes us strong is our combined effort. Our ability to step up our own personal game in order for the team to flourish! Because we know: It’s not just about keeping things moving. It’s about moving things forward.

Control the chaos

Let’s be honest, no matter how much we wish for everything to be perfect you do not know a project until you’ve hit a 3rd hardship on the road. It’s inevitable. What makes us overachievers is exactly our ability to control the chaos, whether in the inside processes of brainstorming or during a problem we stumble upon. We will never tell you that the road ahead is easy or with no flows, but will guarantee you that the final result will be as from a fairy tale.

Our Approach

Each brand must leave in customer’s mind its own unique ‘fingerprint’ – featuring and creating unique emotion.

One step ahead

In the digital era of communications, the instruments and channels used to reach consumers change with incredible speed and dynamics. We in SMG strive to provide innovative concepts and solutions to reach consumers in a way that allows standing out from competitors and creating attachment to the brand.

What drives us is the search for better performance and added value for our clients’ brands. The brands we transform in SYMBOLS OF TOMORROW.

Different, yet familiar

We believe that the innovative approach to communications should not be at the expense of the intelligibility of messages and their accessibility to consumers. Because no matter how dynamically marketing mix and media change, it does not alter the primary motivation of people.

Therefore, our main task is to understand consumers, what they need, what they love and what they dream about. Only this way we can create the right message, the vibe that leaves the symbolic fingerprint and emotional mark in their minds and hearts.

Integrated approach to communication

SMG family combines together agencies specializing in different areas – Advertising strategies and concepts, Design, Public Relations and Event management, Web design and development, Video production, Photography, Employee Engagement, Social Media marketing, etc. to provide full communication services and integrated approach in creating concepts and solutions for our customers.

We have full control of every step in the production and management process leaving nothing but perfection to the very last detail in every project we deliver.







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