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About Us

SymbolMedia creates a unique structure of relationships and connections between agencies and teams forming the group. We understand that the company’s main resource are the people. But most companies are aware of this as well, so we know something more. We know that at some point the people you work with become more than just colleagues. The passion and emotion we put in our work bring us together; present us with broaden perspectives and development opportunities, with new goals to accomplish together, rallying us into something more than a mere team – a great and united family.

Symbol Advertising

Branding and advertising agency

Advertising in its classical forms and channels empowers the company to gain its place in the minds of consumers. To run a successful campaign however first we have to be successful with the main task – to create a brand and position it accurately, creating its unique identity. Symbol Advertising operates in the areas of branding, strategic planning, marketing, advertising and media planning and buying.

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Dot Slave

Webdev agency

Dotslave is a web agency, offering full service to its clients, including web design, web consulting, Internet advertising, SEO i.e. search engine optimization, corporate identity building, maintenance of web sites, hosting, construction and maintenance of networks and online-based business applications.
In the process of creating products, we stick to Dotslave philosophy which can be described with the following seven fulcrums: Communication, Development, Presence, Responsibility, Identity, Creativity and Balance.

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Take a Pixel

Photography agency and photographers’ community

We are both photography agency and community for photographers. TAKEaPIXEL unifies different artists who cooperate with each other delivering standardised process and full spectre of client services. A team that will provide assistance within the communication process, our Pixie Artists are here to ensure that you will receive the most unforgettable shots exactly the way you like it and are familiar with.
We know that when you see our portfolio you will expect nothing but perfection from our future job together.

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Screen Mixer

Video Production Studio

We are a production company but what we do could be put in just 4 words- Originality, Quality, Detail, Storytelling. We combine our creative personalities to produce an experience tailored to your specific needs. Whether we work for someone, or they work for us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to explore and do more.
We see ourselves as artists who just happened to use video equipment to change hearts, minds and habits for the good of us all. Who we are as professionals will most likely draw you to us but who we are as people will keep you coming back for more!

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Fly Events

Event management

We created FlyEvents with a clear goal – to organize parties and events with outstanding style and concept, designed for true connoisseurs of quality club music. We believe that each event can become a memorable moment, if only you break stereotypes and diversify known formats, creating a unique emotion.
Our parties have a different concept, size and style, but always follow the rule that the best event is the one on which every guest feels among friends and at the same time – special.

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Employer Booster

Employee engagement agency

Employer booster is a brand created to serve the companies that care about their own teams. Building a unique identity in front of potential employees and creating internal environment and corporate culture that will boost your inside processes through the roof of the office! We are the dream-to-work-with partner on the road to stepping your game.

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