This year we decided to have a bit different gift for Christmas for our clients and partners. Instead of the usual material stuff we are used to getting and putting on a shelf to gather dust forever we wanted to keep the holiday to its roots – the experience and the Christmas spirit. Thus we partnered with one of our newest clients – the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, and created a special event on the 29th of November.
The concert featured Maria Prince, piano, and Andrew Marriner, clarinetist from London Symphony Orchestra. It was a part of a bigger cycle called “Maria Prince with stars from the international stages and Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra’s soloists”. The idea was to present our clients and partners with a lasting experience that would serve as a memorable beginning of the upcoming holidays.
When the event came we were delighted to see “Bulgaria” hall full of familiar faces who we worked with and inspired us on the road. After the mesmerizing concert we gathered for a cocktail with the lead performers, colleagues, partners and clients to start our holidays together with some small talks and inspirational conversations on the future ahead.
We are grateful to everyone that came and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May we be more humble, devoted and empowering the symbols of tomorrow together!