Today’s highly competitive environment compels companies to embrace new techniques of attracting and retaining valuable staff. To help them Symbol Media Group developed a service named Employer Booster. It will be useful for employers, realized the necessity of building an attractive image to employees, aiming their higher motivation and engagement.
The topical term ‘employer branding’ comes as a proof for the increasing need for employers to pay greater attention to their image. Nowadays the standard conditions of work are not enough for satisfying employees. Instead, they are looking for that ‘special company’ which gives them opportunity for growth and self-manifestation. Our new service Employer Booster builds employers-employees relationship as it is supposed to be in today’s corporate world.
The service works in two directions:
– ‘Employer Identity’ builds a unique image of the company to its potential employees in terms to become more appealing to them.
– Once they are in the team, there comes the necessity of motivating and retaining them. ‘Keep me engaged’ assists this process by creating specific internal environment and unique corporate culture.
The various products and services, provided by Symbol Media Group’s subsidiary companies, such as creative and marketing services, special events management, parties and trips, concierge services and loyalty programs, create added value to employees and tend to their higher engagement.