BattlePass Studio (or just BP) is the first venture builder (also known as ‘startup studio’) organization set in Bulgaria and one of the few operating in the CEE region. In a nutshell, this is a company specially designed to launch other companies/startups and to help young entrepreneurs build and grow their teams and ideas.

BattlePass Studio unites specialists and companies with various skills and competences such as technology, product development, UX & UI, legal, finance, marketing, HR. The model it operates on is quite novel – clients pay not only with cash but with company equity. This creates a long-term partnership perspective and aligns the incentives for all the parties involved. BP operates with a network of companies providing some of the services for the portfolio startups. Each network member is able to invest in the projects that they believe in and that best fits them.

As marketing and advertising specialists we have partnered with many different businesses over the years to help them promote themselves and grow their audience and customer base. We have always tried to look at our customers’ businesses as if they were our own and to push ourselves to the limit to maximize the results and the outcomes for our clients.

When the BattlePass Studio was originally presented to our team we were blown away by the idea and the value proposition for both startups and service providers. We have never been just a service company but a long-term partner for the brands we work with. As a result, we immediately fell in love with the opportunity to actually build startups and help them grow, while being provided with a strong incentive to invest our time and knowledge into those young teams full of ideas.

This is when the magic happens, when you create campaigns that inspire and products that actually change the way people live for the better.

The BP approach is deeply connected to our “Symbols of Tomorrow” philosophy and is focused on actually empowering people to create the technology and products that stand out.

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