The secret behind each great event is to give the audience an experience to remember. Find out more about how to plan your next event by following these 5 steps.
  1. Audience, purpose, format
Identifying the target of an event is very important. Analyse the audience’s demographics, preferences and interests. Who’s going to attend and why? Ask yourself why are you organizing this event and what do you want to achieve. The answers to these questions will lead you to the next step of planning.
  1. Conception, venue, date
You’ve already imagined your customer’s persona. Now, think of what kind of atmosphere they will feel comfortable and special in. Find the right place, which will host your event. Then, choose an appropriate date, which will fit the guest’s daily schedule. While creating the conception, think out of the box and create something spectacular enough to impress the audience.
  1. Brand your event
A brand will make your event recognizable. It will also help you to make an emotional connection with the customers.
So, create a name, meaningful slogan and specific logo for the event. You can use the logo as a part of the interior or brand some of the giveaways. Then, go online! Build a website, boost your event using social media and create your own hashtag.
If you follow these steps, the results will be outstanding!
  1. Create a master plan
No matter how well-organized you are, creating a Masterplan is something very important to do. It will help you to monitor, prioritise tasks and to have a strict plan to follow. The success is based on the ability to plan and pay attention to details.  

Here are some main points you should add to your master plan:
– Venue, logistics & catering (contracts, permits, insurance, etc.)
– Speakers/presenters (identifying, confirming)
– Activities/entertainment
– Publicity/promotion (articles, social media marketing, website, radio ads, video campaign, PR, etc.)
– Registration (choose a form of registration)
– Sponsors/partners
  1. Add value
Give participants something to remember the event by.
Provide your guests with some kind of giveaway. It is a nice way to thank them for being at your event. Don’t forget that people are investing their money and time to attend your event. You have to provide them with the type of experience they will expect.

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