Brand Management

This is like seeing the big picture. You can not define it with a single sentence. It’s an ongoing process of finding your idea, developing it and turning it into a brand that tells a story and serves a purpose. You have to then position it among others, attract like-minded individuals and work on a common goal to reach a dream an change the world as we know it even by a bit.

Strategic Planning

In order to make Sagrada Familia you got to picture it in your mind and have a strategy for building it, knowing where every single brick should fit. Likewise, each campaign and message should be approached with a clear sense of continuity and development, as a part of the overall communication process. Strategic Planning is the blueprints of your success.

We offer the following services:

– Analysis & Assessment
– Planning
– Strategy execution
– Evaluation

Event Management

We are not just anyone – we are the event connoisseurs. This is why it became our passion and mission to create the perfect events, managing the whole process. From developing the initial concept, to promotion campaigns, branding, negotiations with partners and sponsors, organization, to the monitoring and analysis afterwards. We are here to make every moment a boutique emotion for hosts and guests!

We organize various types of events:

– Parties
– Presentations, Conferences and Corporate Trainings
– Corporate Parties and Team Buildings
– Promotions and placing the brand at sponsored events.

Social Media Marketing

The world today is more social than it has ever been and it’s a shame not to invest in the bigger and better opportunities it presents us with today. Reach your audience in the best way possible, engaging them in the everyday life, touching their heart and mind! Start a movement!

We have carried out thousands of marketing campaigns in the Social Media and are able to do anything possible:

– Management of pages in the Social Media;
– Campaign Management & Development;
– Development of applications for the Social Media;

Employee Engagement

We live in a world where employees are no more scared to change jobs and demand a better work environment. Even if we do not take this into account the best brands are the ones having a more cohesive and motivated employees. Because at the end of the day the successes of a brand are only as big as the people behind them. This is why it is more crucial than ever to be able to engage your employees through:

– Motivation oriented work environment
– Teambuilding practises
– Additional Benefits
– Making them feel part of the brand

Public Affairs

No matter who you are you are either a sinking ship or a champion in the arena. And this is most of all determined by your relationships with the guys who actually decide your faith – legal institutions, politicians, clients, local communities, think tanks, associations, unions, charities, business groups, the media, et al. They are your stakeholders, the sea underneath a floating ship, the ones who decide whether there will be tailwind or a storm coming up your way.

We are here to be your partner, offering services in the following fields:

– Government relations
– Corporate and Social Responsibility
– Information Dissemination
– Strategic Communication

Public Relations

In a conversation it is extremely important how you present yourself to the others – whether you will scream, whisper or talk normally, use sarcasm, extravagant words or short but memorable sentences. The way your brand does conversation is through PR. And it is of utmost importance how you speak with your clients, partners and the media and how to deliver your messages in the right way. Otherwise you might as well look like a yelling lunatic with a cause!

Celebrity management

Today to become a celebrity can be as easy as making your own page or starting a blog. To have the right image and the popularity that will stand the test of time itself is where we come to aid you, offering:

– Image making and consulting
– Positioning in Traditional Media & Social Media
– Management of work commitments
– Special project considering the celebrity’s image


We live in society where tech changed everything. Forget about having a brand without the online presence. Our family combines web developers, designers, copywriters, marketing experts and idea generators in order to be able to develop and implement any digital concept you need, make it trendy, modern, user-friendly and attractive. If you need to WOW the internet, we are your guys!

Our services include:

– Development of Web Sites and Landing Pages
– Digital Campaigns
– Applications
– Insights and Analytics

Crisis management

“Knock, knock!” “Who’s there?” “A crisis.” No one wants to hear these words. It’s what gives is a few white hairs through the night. But we are here to prevent it, control it and turn it into a success story!

Symbol Media Group will shield your back, offering:

– Crisis Prevention
– Response Tactics
– Crisis Management Planning
– Crisis Management Education


Easiest way to stand out and be remembered is through the right design. The one that will be informative, engaging and memorable. That will make heads turn and copycats wanting to follow.

Our long experience and diverse trendy team of designers gives us the opportunity to offer:

– Interactive/Web Design
– Graphic Design
– Motion graphics & Animation Design
– Data Visualisation

Start-up development

Having a start-up can be quite the challenge, believe us. We know that because every single company in our family went through this. We are here to offer you a fast road out of the struggle to grow a great idea and turn it into a business model in a market that is not always supportive and as easy to get in as you might think. We are here to be a partner on the road, to show you the next step and take it together, to reach the next level, to make a dream come true!

Video Production

Everyone knows: VIDEO IS KING! It generates the biggest engagement rates, it attracts the widest auditory, in other words: it’s what can tell your story the right way to the right people. We are here to do exactly this. To put your passion in video, to touch the hearts and minds of your target market and kindle a fire inside them.

We can tell your story, no matter how big or small you are. ScreenMixer offers:

– Web Videos & Animations
– Ads
– Event Videos
– Music Videos

Black Ram - The Secret

  • SMM
  • Video Production
Power Brands approached us with the challenge to make a digital activation on Facebook and a video production for their brand Black Ram whiskey.
view Case

Visteon Christmas Ad

  • PR
  • SMM
  • Video Production
  • visualization
Visteon, is one of the largest technology companies in Bulgaria whose primary focus is the creation of software for the automotive industry. They presented its Christmas commercial that managed to become a hit in the social networks only for a few days.
view Case


  • graphic design
  • marketing
  • photo shoot
  • Video Production
  • web design & development
We started writing a brand new page of history for INGILIZ shoes.
view Case

Bergner Bulgaria Boost

  • graphic design
  • marketing
  • SMM
We create an engaging and successful online presence and effective campaigns for the fast-developing online store
view Case

UNIQA - 25 years campaign

  • graphic design
  • marketing
  • SMM
Creating an anniversary campaign and an engaging social media presence for one of the leading insurance companies is a challenge – and we were up to it!
view Case